The project

Our learning partnership will deal with different aspects of the topic “water and sustainability”: We will learn basic information about causes of the current water crisis as for example climate change, water privatization, pollution of water with pesticides or wasting water in our daily life. But the theoretical level is only one part of the contents of our learning partnership. On the other hand our goal is to find practical solutions and ways to use water in a sustainable way in our institutions and daily practices. That is why we will check how sustainable the use of water is in our own organisation. The next step is to develop together with the other learning partners ways to improve our handling of water consumption, to try them out and evaluate the results. Beside that all organisations which are part of our learning partnership like to share their knowledge and pedagogical & didactical methods concerning the water and sustainability topic. This is why we will start a process to find out what the different possibilities to inform and teach learners about sustainable use of water are. We will experiment with several methods and improve them to find good solutions. All organisations in our partnership are working in the field of adult education,  so we have the chance to improve and develop our pedagogical & didactical methods together with our learners.
At the end we will summarize our results in a handbook to spread our experiences, knowledge and pedagogical methods to other people who are interested in the topic sustainable use of water.