Aim of the WATACLIC project is to demonstrate that, thanks to proper information and communication campaigns, technical and administrative stakeholders can very much contribute to the reduction of water (and energy) consumptions in urban areas.

Project objectives:

  • To introduce new rules in urban planning to help the diffusion among final users of technologies/strategies such as rain water harvesting, greywater recycling and other techniques able to allow a more sustainable urban water use.
  • To adopt tariff schemes aimed at discouraging unwise use of water;
  • To increase global efficiency (in term of water and energy consumptions) of water supply systems;
  • To adopt more effective awareness raising campaigns directed to the general public;
  • To improve knowledge and awareness of plumber professional organization concerning water saving techniques;
  • To emphasize the link between water use and energy consumption. Reaching the project objectives will, in the long term, allow a large decrease of water abstraction for urban use in Italy. Finally, reduction of water use could contribute to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

The WATACLICL project, from May 2010 and December 2011, will host several information and communication campaigns targeted to key stakeholders from various sectors (public bodies, water utilities, water authorities, plumbers, etcetera).

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