Main Topic: Increasing awareness and care in the use of water in a sustainable way and develop educational concepts on that.

Basic aims

  • Sharing our ideas, knowledge and skills about connections/dependencies between fresh water problems/crisis and aspects as climate change, conventional agriculture, meat consumption, wasting water, water pollution, water wars, water as a commodity etc.
  • Sharing knowledge about work on public relations and fundraising

I. How sustainable is the use of water in our own organisation?

  • every organisation will make a water footprint of their consumption of water
  • together we will think about possibilities to save water in each organisation
  • every organisation develop an agenda “How to use water in a sustainable way?”, which is adapted to the special situation of the organisation (climate conditions, main focus, facility conditions and economical capabilities, socioeconomical and cultural background etc.)
  • every organisation will try out the possibilities to use water in a sustainable way
  • we will discuss the evaluation of each organisation & public good practise examples in our handbook

II. How it is possible to integrate the topic “sustainable use of water” in our adult education?

  • evaluation of existing methods and development of new educational concepts
  • share knowledge about different methods concerning several aspects of water and sustainability
  • try out new methods in the daily educational practises of our organisations
  • evaluating the new methods, discuss and improve them
  • Collect best practise examples to public them in our handbook