Report of the last meeting in Diyarbakir, Turkey: 9th – 11th April 2015

9th of April 2015

  • 9:00 meeting at the hotel Dies and transport from its zone (centre-north) to the northern region of Diyarbakır, passing through the newest part and then a traditional Kurdish village;
    • information about the modern developing area and the use of the land: traditional cultures of the farmers, technical innovation, public administration;
    • information about the village: school, traditional working activities;
    • local nature observation around water: flora and fauna (above all birds and frogs).

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Report of the meeting in Bologna, Italy: 11th – 13th december 2014

11th December

On the first day in the morning we took the Bologna Water Guided Tour to discover how the history of the city has been closely linked with water since the medieval ages. The guide told the participants that water has been the source of economic progress and prosperity in Bologna. We learned that Bologna used to be the fifth biggest city with regard to the number of inhabitants and the main centre of textile production in Italy in the 13th century. We found out that for many centuries water represented the main source of energy for manufacturing and commercial activities, especially running mills for the production of silk in Bologna. So, it was not surprising that the Fountain of Neptune became the symbol of the city of Bologna for us. We were told that all water canals were buried underground. After lunch we gathered at the meeting hall located in Atelier – Urban Centre – Sala Borsa, Piazza Nettuno. At the beginning of the conference, the protocol of the Polish meeting was evaluated and accepted by all the partners. Continue Reading

Report of the meeting in Porto, Portugal, 10th – 12nd April 2014

10th April

The portuguese Partner welcomed us  in the conference room of the Hotel. We made an overview, who prepared which presentations for the meeting and decided, in which order they will be presented during the next days.

The conference room

The conference room

After a  coffee break, the Portuguese partner presented us a short movie with informations about Porto. Afterwards we evaluated the protocol of the last meeting in Swiss. This included corrections and additions of some more important aspects. We noticed, that the protocol should be more detailed, also with more summary of discussions in our group and descriptions of the pedagogical methods, we did during the last meeting. We’ll have a new folder with the reworked protocol.

For lunch we had a picnic at the city park.

The city park

The city park

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Report of the meeting in Locarno, Switzerland, 5th – 7th December 2013

Organiser: SUPSI, Locarno, Switzerland

People taking part in the meeting:

  • Francesco Bedussi, Italy
  • Yunus Bayram, Turkey
  • Tommaso Corridoni, Switzerland
  • Jerzy Lebek, Poland
  • Liliana Moreira, Portugal
  • Cetin Mutlu, Turkey
  • Olivia Nogueira, Portugal
  • Marzena Pasek, Poland
  • Luca Reggiani, Switzerland
  • Tim, Germany
  • Jens, Germany
  • Tanja Weiβe, Germany

5th December

The day started with a welcome by DFA and being shown around the institution.

Tour of DFA facilities

Tour of DFA facilities

DFA presented its approach to their water footprint.

DFA presentation

DFA presentation

In the afternoon the participants visited the dam in Verzaska Valley.

The Verzasca dam

The Verzasca dam

The Verzasca Dam, which is 220 metres high, forms the artificial Lago di Vogorno near the entrance of the valley. We had a chance to talk to the dam engineer, who has been working for the company for quite a long time and was able to give us a lot of useful technical information about the place. His personal involvement could reflect the importance of local thinking about sustainability.
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Report of Berlin meeting, 16th – 17th October 2013


  • Francesco and Sara, from Università Verde di Bologna/Centro Antartide, Italy
  • Yunus from Diyarbakir Zirai Mücadele Araştirma Istasyonu Müdürlüğü, Turkey
  • Tim, Jens, Béla and Tanja, from OBUK, Germany
  • Joanna and Aga from Centrum Ksztalcenia Ustawiznego, Poland
  • Lili and Olivia from Tabanca Pequena, Portugal
  • Luca from SUPSI, Switzerland

16th October 2013

We started presenting ourselves and our organisations. During the morning we engage in several social activities to know each others. Then we start to discuss our organisations’ commitments.

We meet for the firs time

We meet for the firs time

Some questions about work organizations are introduced:
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