Exhibition on Water and sustainability

OBUK e.V. created an exhibition on our topic water and sustainability. It is available in German and English language. You can download the original PDF-files and print it out. The exhibition is published under CC-licence and can be used and reworked. Commercial use is not allowed.

You can download the product on the homepage of OBUK/tagungswerk directly.

Here is the link for the ENGLISH and the GERMAN version.

If you need the layout-material you can ask OBUK e.V for the package Adobe InDesign-Files as well.

Project-dissemination event in Berlin (Germany)

Date: Tuesday, 05/12/2015 15: 00-17:00

Information event (in KuBiZ) on our 2-years long international Water Learningpartnership Project: “Theory & Practice:. Sustainable use of water – A European Challenge”

Implemented by Förderverein Offene Bildung Umwelt Kultur e.V., Berlin


We have organised the event to convey other multipliers of environmental education the end results of our project. The objectives here were passing on knowledge, experience and networking among the participants.

In the first part of the event, we presented in a PowerPoint presentation, the conditions and objectives of our water Learningpartnership.

In the second part we explicitly dealt with the pedagogical methods developed by the project and we discussed with the participants about how we can best sensitize our target groups for environmental issues as multipliers. (A question in this case was, for example, whether the demonstration in a future of an inevitably destroyed environment makes pedagogical sense. Or if it`s better to convey, that there is still hope for improvement and that commitment can therefore be worthwhile.)

Then we introduced the manual, which was developed as part of our project. It contains, i.a. Background informations about water and sustainability and a collection of educational methods on this issue. It can be downloaded for free from our blog:


Sustainable use of water: the handbook

It’s online the Handbook “Theory and practice – Sustainable Use of Water: A EUROPEAN CHALLENGE” the document that collects all the project’s outputs, from educational best practices to organizations’ water footprint, including individual agendas and instutional best practices.

It’s time to take a look at it!

Download the Handbook